Kicking Off – WTF Are We Doing? – Building Something Worth Sharing?

Kicking Off - WTF Are We Doing? - Building Something Worth Sharing?
Last Updated: March 27, 2024
This is the first post of my idea for making something on the internet. I bought LookerStudio.VIP, but not 100% sure what the site will be or how it will be built.

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🎉🎈 Congratulations🍾

You are either (1) a deep investigator 🕵️‍♀️ (2) really really early or (3) you are from the future and this is now a giant blog resource.
Either way, I am here for it & ❤️ love you for it!

What is happening?

To understand the full context, you need to read the initial post of this website: Read Post #1 – Hello Friends – Ideas & Goals.

I’ve decided On:

  • Idea #3 – Building a DataStudio focused site
  • Bought a domain – purchased LookerStudio.VIP
  • Built a local staging sitewhere I am writing this now

Decisions Have Been Made

I have decided to share my strategy & build process!

The site you are reading now is “Behind the build”!

I will be pulling the curtain back over on my youtube channel as well as these blog posts as to what is happening as I build LookerStudio.VIP.

There are a few goals I want to accomplish with “Behind the build” series.

  1. Show you what is happening. I really enjoy sharing behind the scenes & that is EXTREMELY HARD with client accounts. We have NDAs out the Wazzoo with most of our client and this will be an amazing place to show you whats happening behind the scenes since I can control 100% of the plan, strategy, execution, content, & fun.
  2. Give the people what they want! Feedback from the community is the goal. & you can submit your feed back at /quiz or on any of the youtube videos in this series.
  3. Build a GO-TO Resource – I want people everywhere to use this site to their advantage. I’m talking copy and paste and you are off to the races. I might ask for your email address from time to time as I really want to talk with you #Friends.
  4. Have a ton of fun! – I believe I have a unique way of Learning, educating, & creating with the goal of FUN before deliverables. They are like dominoes. If you can nock over the fun one, the $$$ & deliverables will folllow. Heck, I made a dancing chicken just alst week

The Methodology Behing The Build

DataStudio is free, accessible, and more importantly SEXY. You can make super actionable reports that also look way better than rows and columns.

That being said, it’s also the top of the iceberg. It’s the 10% that non-data people see.

I might use this analogy in the future!

What you do not see is the 90%. The data collection strategy, finding data sources, looking for “good” connectors, broken schema, clustered rows, & regex hell.

I want to (a) show people the 10% as well as assist in the 90%, but I have a hunch that most people just want the top 10% so back to point #2 Give the people what they want.

Why Me???

I thought a lot about this as I know a ton of people who can do this stuff as well as I if not better than me.

  1. I am funny* – 90% of the time poeple talk about marketing data as if its the sahara dessert…. 🌵DRY AF. I hope to make this easy to learn & give you a chuckle here and there. I haven’t seen that too much on this topic.
  2. We work with tons of different businesses over at – SaaS, High-ticket, Non-profit, Brick & Morter, Franchises, Global Businesses, Ecomm, & bloggers. So I like to think ive seen a ton of questions.
  3. Not afraid to admit mistakes – If you talk with me I am not afraid to say IDK. So I want to learn with you too! if there is a new data source, or use case. I want to join in the excitement of learning something new!

*Funny is subjective, if you don’t like my humor please click this link

So if any of those things resonate with you please consider taking this quiz and come along for the ride

The Strategy:

This is the fun part.

How in the hell am I going to get people to follow this blog/resourse?

Excellent question reader *high five.

I’ve got a few methods up my tiny sleeves.

Free & Helpful > Paid & Given

I am going with the assumption that if I make some super helpful things that people will share this! I also hope that LookerStudio.VIP is easy enough to remember. I failed at naming as no one (even myself) can remember, spell, or type it correctly.

Currently, I’ve got plans for:

  • Bombdiggity Templates
  • How To Guides
  • Over The shoulder (Build with me)
  • Extremely Fun Examples
  • Downloadables

But we will keep this as a moving target since Ill wait for your response from the quiz.

SEO – I think I know what I am doing?

SEO is by no means a strong suit, so if any of you readers have suggestions, I am all ears. Send me a DM on LinkedIn – this is my profile Happy to pay for your time, if you know what you are talking about.

Past Experience with SEO: I run a blag in a random niche where I get about 10k users/month. I figure I’ll follow those steps and see how things go in about 9 months.

We will see though! GDS is quite a small niche and there is already competition for those JUICY keywords.

Behind The Build

Believe it or not, this series is supposed to help as well!

I think I’ll call it “Marketing Inception”.

Things are in shambles, but hopefully, you like seeing people do cool shit and come along for the ride!

If you are reading this, HIT THAT SHARE Button! Yes, I am talking to you 📷

Things I need to do!

  • Technical Setup – as I write this, im not 100% sure of the domain name, hosting, email ISP, and all that Jazz. Most likely ill piggy back off of our Mediauthentic Active Campaign Account until that doesnt make any sense.
  • Get the quiz set up – The plan is to have a quiz on this site for you to submit feedback and LMK you are interested. I believe is what we will use
  • Figure out the strategy for my site.
  • Create some sort of template for thumbnails (any ideas?)
  • Set up my first youtube video
  • Build the freaking website lol – This is just a staging as you are reading this.
  • Start Creating the actual content.
  • Figure out a production timeline!
  • Repackage my GDS resoures on Mediauthentic for this site.
  • Remember to have fun!


That list sounds like quite a bit now that I am writing it out. But I hope that this makes some sort of sense!

Follow me on Youtube as I’ll be putting unedited meetings there

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