Our Team

Where marketing & data collide!

<strong>JJ Reynolds </strong><br> <i>Founder & Strategist</i>
JJ Reynolds
Founder & Strategist

A Hawaii native with a knack for storytelling and a keen understanding of digital analytics, JJ brings his unique perspective and wealth of experience to the table.

He’s managed substantial ad budgets (MM/month) and worked with production companies and ad agencies before choosing to delve deeper into the digital analytics world.

Frustrated by clients who couldn’t see ‘what is happening,’ he founded Vision Labs to present not just numbers, but the story behind them.

<strong>Stockton Fisher </strong><br> <i>Head of Client Strategy</i>
Stockton Fisher
Head of Client Strategy

Stockton shares his vast knowledge gained from diverse experiences such as being a product manager at Funnelytics and the marketing director for an eight-figure ecommerce brand.

Stockton is well-known for his love of  educating others about technical marketing & how it impacts the bottom line.

He continuously  provides world-class measurement systems to clients while maintaining his passion for teaching.

<strong>Sophie Tyner </strong><br> <i>Visualization Strategist</i>
Sophie Tyner
Visualization Strategist

Keeping reports running & clients smiling, Sophie manages our end to end implementations to deliver amazing visuals every day. 

Using GA4, Sheets, BigQuery & Looker Studio she improves the implementations at every point of the process. 

Many of the dashboards you see on our sites, demos & clients have had their final touches by Sophie! 

<strong>Natasha Vorompiova </strong><br> <i>Client Success</i>
Natasha Vorompiova
Client Success

Natasha is an expert in systems and processes with a deep-rooted background in direct-response businesses and launch models.

Her unique skill set enables clients to effortlessly identify optimization points at every phase of their business journey.
Whether you’re wrestling with questions about scaling your budget, meeting high expectations, or deciding if it’s time to pull the plug, Natasha offers invaluable insights to guide your decisions.

<strong>Sofia Garces </strong><br> <i>Web Developer</i>
Sofia Garces
Web Developer

Sofia is a Web and Graphic designer that manages our entire sites ecosystem.

Building scalable design systems is a passion Sofia has managed to merge with profitable sites.

<strong>Manney </strong><br> <i>Video Editor</i>
Video Editor

Manney manages our content, youtube channel & course editing.

Always improving and staying on top of our trends. He is there pushing the boundaries of video.