Empower your team with our comprehensive 8-week training program

Strategize, learn, and grow with live instruction and practical assignments, tailored to enhance your teams collective “measurement” structure.

We have manage billion hits of data and turn them into action based reporting!
Program overview

In the dynamic world of measurement, having a knowlegeable team isn't enough. You need a system that provides reliable feedback and optimization loops. That's where our 8-Week Team Training Program comes in.

This program us designed to help your team understand not just "what" you are doing, but also "why" you need to do it.

Each week features live instruction from our experienced trainers, couple with homeword assignements that reinforce what you've learned.

Program Overview


Strategic Learning
Strategic Learning

Our program goes beyond teaching techniques. We help your team understand the strategy behind each action, enhancing decision-making skills.

Practical Assignments

Each week's live instruction is complemented by homework, providing your team with hands-on experience and reinforcing their learning.

Feedback and Optimization

Our training program helps establish a system for continuous feedback and optimization, ensuring your team's efforts align with your business goals.

Ideal for Existing Teams
Ideal for Existing Teams

This program is perfect for teams that already have members in place but lack a systematic approach to digital marketing.

Non Disclosure
Non Disclosure

You are not in a cohort. This is instructor → your team & we can share screens. Talk about your problems & build a better system.

Timeline and process

Our 8-Week Team Training Program is structured as follows:

Each week features a live instruction session where we discuss strategies and techniques. This is followed by homework assignments designed to put these strategies into practice.

Week 1: The tools overview:

We begin with a comprehensive overview of the digital marketing tools at your disposal. Our trainers will guide your team on how to use each tool effectively and where to go to take action. This foundation will set the stage for the rest of the program.

Week 2: Feedback framework

This week focuses on the art of asking the right questions. We'll introduce a framework for soliciting feedback that leads to actionable insights, helping your team make data-driven decisions.

Week 3: Google tag manager & GA4

We'll delve into the specifics of Google Tag Manager and GA4, showing your team how to leverage these tools to optimize your marketing efforts. We'll dicuss how to set up a system that ensures these tools work seamlessly for your business.

Week 4: GA4 customization

This week is all about making GA4 work for you. We'll explore how to customize, improve, and build better reports that provide meaningful insights into your marketing performance.

Week 5: Looker studio, GA4, ad platforms

We'll dive into Looker Studio and dicuss how it integrates with GA4 and various ad platforms. Your team will learn how to use these tools together to create a cohesive, effective marketing strategy.

Week 6: Adding measurement to other teams, departments & people

This week, your team will have the change to apply what they've learned, answering questions and working with BigQuery. This hands-on experience will reinforce their learning and help them gain confidence.

Week 7: Q+A on your problems

This week is dedicated to addressing any problems or challenges your team has encountered during the program. Our trainers will provide solutions and advice, ensuring your team is ready to tackle any obstacles in their path.

Week 8: Adding measurement to other teams, departments & people

In our final week, we'll discuss how to extend the principles of measurement to other teams and departments. Your team will learn how to communicate the importance of data and help others in your organization understand and use it effectively.

By the end of the 8 weeks, your team will have a solid understanding of digital marketing tools, strategies, and best practices. They’ll be equipped to make informed decisions and drive your business’s marketing success.

Ready to take your team's digital marketing skills to the next level? Enroll in our 8-Week Team Training Program today and start seeing the difference!


Frequently asked question.

This program is suitable for businesses that are looking to enhance their internal team’s internal skills.  Specifically in using Google Suite tools, Looker Studio, BigQuery, and other product &marketing analytics tools.

It is also beneficial for those who want to implement a more data-driven approach in their marketing strategies.

While a basic understanding of digital marketing concepts would be beneficial, the program is designed to cater to various knowledge levels. The training will be customized to your team’s current skill set and knowledge base.


SaaS, Direct Response, Ecommerce, High-ticket, & Affiliate/Content sites have all been trained by our team. 

The live instruction sessions will cover a range of topics including Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Looker Studio, BigQuery, and the Google Suite of tools.

We can also touch on Product Analytics, Marketing analytics and other tools based on your team’s specific needs.

Each live instruction session is 50 minutes long, broken down into 30 minutes of instruction and 20 minutes of applying that lesson to your specific business.

Your team will have access to an open Slack channel where they can ask questions asynchronously throughout the week while they are implementing what they have learned. This ensures ongoing support and guidance even outside of the live instruction sessions.

Upon completion of this program, your team will have a comprehensive understanding of how Googles marketing analytics tools work together and how to apply them to your business.

They will be able to effectively use tools like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Looker Studio to analyze and interpret data, leading to more informed decision making and improved marketing strategies.

The cost of the 8-week Team Training Program is $4,997. This includes live instruction sessions, customized lessons, and access to the Slack channel for ongoing support.

Yes, absolutely. The training program is designed to be flexible and can be tailored to meet your specific industry or business needs. We will work closely with you to understand your objectives and customize the curriculum to achieve these goals.