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Unleash your business potential with our strategic audit

Navigate the complexities of digital marketing with a comprehensive, data-driven plan tailored to your business.

Technical & Strategic Solutions
Problem Identification
Marketing + Data Solution
Mismanaged tools, ineffective strategies, and technical issues can hold business back & you might not even know it.
Our Strategic Audit is designed to join Marketing + Data + Action. We go deep into your tools and strategies, uncovering areas of improvement and creating a roadmap for your future success.

What does this look like?

Comprehensive Analysis

We dive into all your tools, from GA, GTM, CRM, to Ad platforms, pixels, CDP, etc.

Wholistic Systems
Qualitative & Quantitative Approach

We assess both your direction (when you're going) and your data (ensuring server events are deduplicated).

Collaborative Process

We engaged your marketing and technology teams in detailed discussions to understand your current strategies, future plans, and past technical issues.

Actionable Plan

We deliver a comprehensive document highlighting the most significant technical problems and suggesting solutions that align with your future goals.

JJ & the Vision Labs team have been an incresible resource for our small team! Setting up our GA4 instance was a breeze and they are constantly asking the right questions and making adjustments to our reporting to make our data analysis processes smooth sailing. This team is super knowledgable in an area where not a lot of people really know what they are doing. GA4 switched up a lot of stuff on us and MA made it an easy transition.
Bridget Poetker
Bridget Poetker
Director of Growth
Vision Labs helped my team transition from UA to GA4 smoothly. They were knowledgeable, created a custom plan, and were always available to answer questions. They had deep expertise in all things Google Analytics including how different teams would use the site and deep technical knowledge on SQL queries, I would highly recommend them.
Mike Jaron
Michael Jaron
Head of Data
We’ve recommended JJ and the Vision Labs team numerous times and they’ve always managed to continually impress. Time and time again, they’ve proven their ability to work with clients to collect the right data, organize it in a way that tells a natural story, and display that data in reports that are both easy-to-read and highly actionable. If your organization is ready to turn “information” into actions that build revenue and results, then you’ve found your measurement experts…
Chris "Mercer"
Chris "Mercer"
Co-Founder | MeasurementMarketin.io
They have been incredibly attentive and detailed from the start. Our sales have more than doubled in less than 18 months. I know that every cent I spend on marketing is being accounted for. We are able to maximize our marketing dollars to the areas where we achieve the highest ROI.
Darla Torkelsen
Darla Torkelsen
CEO | SpeechTherapyPD.com

Timeline and process

Our Strategic Audit is a five-step process, with each step taking approximately one week to complete. This timeline ensures a thorough and detailed analysis without disrupting your ongoing operations.

Week 1:

We request view access to all your tools, including GA, GTM, CRM , Ad Platforms, pixels, CDP, etc.

Week 2:

Our team dives into your accounts, conducting a qualitative (where are you going) and quantitative (are server events being deduplicated) analysis.

Week 3:

We schedule a 1-hour call with your marketing teams to understand your current marketing activities and your plans for the next 6 months.

Week 4:

We have a 1-hour call with your technology team to understand past problems and future rollouts.

Week 5:

We deliver a comprehensive document that outlines the most significant technical problems and suggest solutions based on your future goals.

This five-week process ensures that you walk away with a clear and actionable plan to execute, setting your business up for success.

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