Post #1, Hello Friend – You Are Early!

Post #1, Hello Friend - You Are Early!
Last Updated: March 27, 2024
I have a lot of ideas, but need to solidify what I am doing and how I plan to sustain this site. Not 100% sure on any of those yet... but Ive got ideas & that has never stopped me from doing something! Stupid or not!

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Hi Friend 👋🏽!

First off, You have found my initial post. I am assuming this will get like 1 total view… Hi Mom!

So if you are here (and I am not related to you), you are an MVP or I am now a billionaire and this is a memorable post, either way, It’s cool with me!

About The Situation

This is JJ writing and speaking. Hi Again!

I have run, a marketing data company, for the past 8 or so years as my “Day Job”.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve decided to add some fun to my writing goals. This, what you are reading, is a culmination of “just for fun”.


If I lose all the time and money that I put into this, that is totally OK, if this breaks even, that would be cool, if it makes even $1 would be stoked.

I have no plans to become a guru or master course creator.

Currently enjoying delivering amazing sexy dashboards & data pipelines while building a team so if you want to become a client apply there

I am looking at this as an investment into myself to practice delivering value to you. That is all, If it fails, then I know I need to improve my style, strategy, or information.

Needless to say, I am just going to try and make this “worth sharing” regardless.

If you have feedback, i’ll have somewhere for you to give that. Not sure where or how, but somewhere.

Current Goals & Ideas:

I am currently writing this in a Notion page template with no domain, no hosting & no specific plan so this could be wildly off from what comes to fruition.


  1. Write More – I want to share some of the ideas I have around learning to use data faster and more effeciently
  2. Get Feedback – People have unique usecases for just about everything, I’d love to hear & help with those
  3. Make It FUN & have fun– DATA IS SOOO BORING when its not fun – this should make even the most calused SQL nerd grin.
  4. Get Comfortable Sharing – 99% of the time us data marketers either do something epic and dont shareit or think we know it all. I want feedback and improvements! Whatever this site ends up being ill set up a feedback email, but until then, shoot me an email at and ill be sure to answer quesitions from there.
  5. Make whatever I build worth sharing – I want to deliver so much useful & fun stuff that you laugh, learn, and hit share!


Here is what I am currently thinking that would fulfill the above list of Goals for this endeavor.

As of writing this, I am not tied to anything specific, but if you are reading this, most likely I have a domain.

Idea 1: Data Pipelines

A cool idea would be to have some sort of data pipeline site with how to structure the data from a specific system all the way through to visualization

Shopify Export -> Klavio Export -> Big Query Import-> Big Query Manipulation -> Looker Studio LTV predictive system

Pros: Very easy to identify who needs this
⛔️ Cons: Not very fun & very replicable by others who might even do it better & would be larger business with technical people

Idea 2: Focus on Data Collection only

Make a site where I review the top methodologies for collecting information. I am thinking Tag Manager and all of the 1 stop tools like Funnelytics, Oribi, Segment, etc

Needs some massaging, but could be a cool idea!

Pros: This could be fun! Lots of unique ideas and tactics to test out.
⛔️ Cons: Data Collection is the least sexy of anything marketing data-related and the least actionable. No one can do anything with data collection.

Idea 3: Looker Studio Focused

I really really enjoy the visualization. DataStudio is what I know, so I could build a whole site-specific to Looker Studio. It would be niche, but is it too niche?

I could have functions, examples, Q+A

Pros: I personally am fired up about fun use cases of GDS & Others freaking love the reports you can create. Could be on the cutting edge, but not 100% sure if Google plans to keep pushing GDS
⛔️ Cons: It might be too niche. Not a ton of people use GDS at the moment. There are some power users who know more than I do, but I feel i can hold my own against 90% of users out there.

Idea 4: Help on demand.

A friend came up with the idea of on-demand marketing help. He runs the marketing department for a 40MM/year eCommerce brand and is extremely technical marketer. We could have some really cool strategy + Tactical help for marketing on a weekly call that might help people.

Pros: Get to help people live. Can show immediate results as it helps others. Get to work with a friend on it.
⛔️ Cons: Would need to show up every week to help others. Sometimes I am not in the mood for Q+A for a few hours. Not sure of what people are buying.

Idea 5: Paid Community

Been toying with the idea behind a paid community. It’s just such an interesting concept to pay for connections with others that my marketing brain really really wants to do it! I know it would have to be niche and deliver immense value, just, not 100% sure what that would be yet.

Pros: Would be fun to try something out of the box.
⛔️ Cons: RIsky as I might hate building a community. Couldn’t share the journey as IDK what I would be doing.

Final Thoughts

I have no idea what this will culminate, but if you want in on updates, put your email in one of the box.

These are my thoughts & I’m sticking to it.

I hope to be sending updates at least 1 time/week so stay tuned if you want to watch something be built.

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