Site Structure That I Love – More or Less

Site Structure That I Love - More or Less
Last Updated: March 27, 2024
I have an idea for what I want, butnot 100% sure how to execute yet. I think these categories will make it clear as to what we are trying to accomplish but not quite sure how to accomplish the content yet. Having others will be key to making this a GDS hub!

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Table of Contents

👆The Conclusion of the above video 👆

Site Structure


This will be more or less a giant analogy about how icebergs are only seen on the top and that top is Looker Studio.


This will be the beginners guide to Looker Studio. Ill then break down the guides into three section.

  1. What is Looker Studio
  2. Accounts, Set up, Adding Your First Data Source
  3. Building your first useful report


This will be the home of the lesser-known tips, tricks & tutorials. Things you do not quite need, but are really helpful when building your advanced pipelines.


This will house some sort of Quiz to understand where you stand in the Looker Studio landscape. Going to have to figure out where that will be constructed.


Free downloads! I literally, wish I had this like 1 year ago as I am always looking for Icons, images, and logos.(possibly /icons would be better)


Paid templates for how to get information from point A (stored) to point B (Visualized)


Looker Studio updates & tutorials

Thats the plan!

Now we just have to go do it, and fix the convertbox form.

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