Setting Up Our Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics Account – V1

Setting Up Our Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics Account - V1
Last Updated: March 27, 2024
Setting up the basics of Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics for Looker Studio VIP trying to think about what I will be doing at the same time! Unedited live video.

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Table of Contents

Figured might as well put all of the information we have in 1 place.

This is me setting up Google Analytics and Tag Manager BASICS…. Like super basic.

I go fast, so hopefully its not too crazy. This is more for me to document my building of this website.

Links & Resources I mentioned

Custom Task for Client ID:

Elementor On Success:

// The Code I used 
<script>jQuery( document ).ready(function( $ ){
	jQuery( document ).on('submit_success', function(){
window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
 'event': 'elementorFormSubmitted'

How Data Layers Work:

What’s next?

We will be tackling:

  • Our convertbox quiz which is at the bottom of every page
  • Our advanced quiz,
  • The rest of the custom dimensions (Hit ID, Session ID, Post Category, and a few more)
  • GA Filters I like to use 🙂
  • Removing PII
  • Tag Manager Templates

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