I Moved – The Manifesto Behind LookerStudio.VIP

I Moved - The Manifesto Behind LookerStudio.VIP
Last Updated: March 27, 2024
March 15th is coming close and I am determined to hit publish no matter how "done" everything is. Company of 1 + the practice are amazing books!

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Table of Contents

The Plan

I plan to hit publish on March 15, 2022 and a lot needs to take place for that to happen.

  • Finalize the site design in the local version
  • Start uploading the content (it is currently in notion)
  • Make sure all the SEO stuff works
  • Design the sales & marketing pages

Forming the Manifesto

I am reading a lot of books recently and I am trying to follow these books ideologies for this site build

  • Company of One – Paul Jarvis
    • I want to be the main person behind this build. I do not want to outsource anything. It will be my voice, my plan, and my success/failure.
    • Going to keep things Asynchronous as much as possible – Email correspondence mostly
  • The Practice – Seth Godin
    • Make this site freaking great!
    • Do not be afraid of the publish button
      • One of the reasons, i am making this series
  • Own Your Weird – Jason Zook
    • Do it because I want to – Figure out revenue later
    • Sell something unique & helpful with my own spin 🙂
  • Atomic Habits – James Clear
    • I am going to combine this with Seth Godin’s the practice to ship 2 new blog posts each month!

Making Money!

To put something on paper, I want to have criteria for how I make money on this site:

  • Must be consumable asynchronously
  • Must be extremly helpful
  • Must be FUN & not super boring (no matter how technical)
  • I have to know how to do it – I am not going to ship someone elses ideas or tutorial
  • I show you exactly what to do & how I’ve done it in the past .

$ BTSF $

One thing I really want to do is give the early readers (most likely you who are reading this now) the ability to buy everything I create. The only risk they are assuming is that what I create will not be applicable to them. But if you buy it then you can give me feedback on what to do!

Requirements for this to work:

  1. Pricing must make sense for both buyer and myself
  2. Deliverables are clear (these are ideas)
    • 30 Minute debrief call on what you would like to see built
    • Custom profile in my notion board so I know who all the poeple are
    • You get everything ever created on LookerStudio.VIP.
    • You receive NOTHING tomorrow
    • You must buy before anything is for sale 🙂

I will most likely be placing this on LookerStudio.VIP/btsf so go there and see if it’s live 🙂

Looking at March 15 closing in quickly on us!

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