Edit Mode Interactions, Using Pages efficiently, and Image Links

Edit Mode Interactions, Using Pages efficiently, and Image Links
Last Updated: March 27, 2024
We now have Edit Mode interactions, page groups, Icons, & images have dynamic links for us to link to other pages from GDS.

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DataStudio Updates on December 1, 2021!

Edit Mode Interactions

We now have the ability to view interactions with Edit Mode in Looker Studio. You can filter, adjust, and interact with your report while editing, which drastically increases report-building speed!

New Page Icons & Groupings

You now can add icons to your pages & arrange them either on the sidebar or header!

This allows you to easily group pages & build reports that are as intuitive as a website!

Here is an example from our newsletter

Images Now Have Dynamic Links

Previously when you tried to link an image, we were only able to use static links.

Now, you can link anything within or outside of Looker Studio!

Ta Da

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