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SEO Opportunity Identification Using Search Console & Looker Studio

The SEO Opportunity Identification report is a great tool to easily level up your SEO performance by identifying key steps.

The banded scatter plot allows users to quickly identify which queries have a high opportunity of improvement. Queries that fall in the “opportunity band” will likely see a change for the better in Average Position with small tweaks.

Navigating SEO without the right tools can be an overwhelming task. Using Looker Studio’s Search Console connector, this report provides a solid jumping-off point for anyone seeking to improve SEO.

The Take Away

In this zone,

  • To the right of the average
  • In the “Opportunity Band”

These queries you rank average on page 1 but below the top 4 results. So now you can go easily do something about it!

How it works

This tool uses the live GA4 connector & search console connector, so it will be slower, but still powerful.

We have layered in logic & filters to be able to easily:

  • Remove Branded Keywords
  • Identify Low Hanging Fruit
  • Isolate errors

The Impact This Report Makes

This report allows you to easily identify what is “Almsot working” while reporting on both page-level and keyword-level reports.

To use your own data, please select the report on page 1, where you can select your accounts & be off to the races.

For clients of Vision Labs, we prefer to use the API to extract data into BigQuery to allow faster reporting and more complex analyses & grouping. But for the majority of people, this will work just fine!

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