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Step 1
The Strategic  Roadmap

Step 2
Learn the Tools

Step 3
Develop Your Skills

Step 4
Seek Guidance

Step 5
Stay Cutting Edge

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What People are Saying About 'The Lab'!

Meet Your Instructors - JJ & Stockton!

JJ Reynolds & Stockton

Founder and Head of Client Strategy at VisionLab – a Data & Analytics Premium Agency. 
We help businesses build their data pipelines and make sense of their data.  

Trusted by companies like:

We’ve also presented at many high-level conferences & masterminds including Jeff Walker’s Mastermind Event, Measure Summit 2022, Measure Summit 2023 & the Elevar Summit 2023.

Why We Created The Lab

There’s many great beginner courses on how to get started using popular analytic tools like GA4 or Google Tag manager.

These trainings get you familiar with the basics but are often taught in isolation and lack the practicality of how to use them in the real world… and more importantly how they fit into your overall tracking and analytics strategy.  

Without having an overall strategy, focusing on just one tool is like having a hammer and thinking you’re ready to build a skyscraper.

The Lab takes you behind-the-scenes and shows NOT just how to use all the tools but how to capture, store, analyze & present meaningful insights that captures stakeholder’s attention & drives action!

What you’ll discover inside The Lab…

The 5 Step Process to Tracking & Analytics Mastery

Step 1: The Strategic Roadmap

Take a deep dive into the Foresight System so you know what to measure and why… it’s not enough to just set up tracking… you need to plan how to gather data so that it provides insights and drives action.

The Strategic Roadmap
Learn the Tools

Step 2: Learn the Tools

Our preferred tools are part of the Google Marketing Stack. We like these tools because they’re either inexpensive or free and can scale with your business.  

Google Marketing Tools include Google Tag Manager, GA4, Server Side Tag Manager, GoogleSheets, Big Query and Looker Studio.

Learn the Tools

Step 3: Develop Your Skills

Follow along as we walk you through common tracking setups. Create your own data pipelines and dashboards.  Save time and effort by using our templates and coding hacks.

Step 4: Seek Guidance

At some point you’re going to have questions.  Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.  With access to our community Slack Channel & Monthly Group Calls you can overcome any challenge that comes your way.

Step 5: Stay Cutting Edge

Look over our shoulder as we share what’s working in our agency… including case studies, masterclasses, sprints, latest tools and how we incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into our workflows.

Get the support and guidance you need...

Here's where to start

Step 1. Introducing the Foresight System

Measurement with Purpose!

The Foresight System in Action!

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The Strategic Roadmap

The Foresight System (Value: $147)

  • Front End System
  • Back End System

✓ Set yourself up for success by knowing what to measure and why.

Learn the Tools - The Foundational Trainings

Google Stack Training (Value: $497)

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
  • Big Query
  • Server Side Tag Manager
  • GoogleSheets
  • Looker Studio

✓ Get familiar with the Google Marketing Stack to capture, store, analyze and present your data.
✓ Take back control with Server Side Tag Manager.

Develop Your Skills - Action Paths

Tracking Playbooks (Value: $447)

  • UTMs
  • Shopify Tracking
  • WooCommerce
  • Thrive Cart
  • Facebook Ads Dashboard
  • Google Ads Dashboard
  • GA4 Dashboard
  • Gathering Data using APIs

✓ How to track any link with UTMs
✓ How to set up tracking in popular eCommerce platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce and Thrive Cart.
✓ Copy-n-paste Javascripts & SQL Queries to save you time.
✓ How to combine multiple data sources into the one report.

How to Present Your Data  (Value: $194)
  • Dashboard Design Mastery
  • Looker Studio Dashboards & Templates
  • Analytics Canvas

✓ How to build impactful dashboards stakeholders not only love but want to use.
✓ Plug-n-play dashboard templates.

Working With Clients  (Value: $147)
  • Client Communication Strategy
  • Value Delivery Strategy

✓ Strategies for keeping your clients happy.

Guidance and Support

(Value: Priceless!)

  • Community Slack Channel
  • Monthly Group Calls

✓ Troubleshoot issues you’re experiencing.
✓ Receive guidance for how to perform future projects.

Staying Cutting Edge

(Value: Priceless!)

  • Case Studies, Masterclass, Sprints, New Tools, AI, etc…

✓ Stay Cutting Edge and see what we’re working right now!

What People Are Saying About The Lab!

Picture of Jordan Hill

Jordan Hill

Founder | Blue Highlighted Text

“It’s nothing less than stellar the way they've built out the courses… it’s a great starting point!

You still have to do the work and the testing but they will always be there to jump on a call with you or send you a screen share and help you through some of the nuances that always come up in this line of work. 

Big props to them.  

If you’re thinking of signing up I highly highly encourage you to do so!”

Picture of James Santiago

James Santiago

Founder, Mac n' Cheese Media

“I can’t begin to express how much of an impact Stockton has made on my life and business.

I was able to acquire a large client and next week I'm launching a $120k marketing campaign Stockton has taken me to that next level and helped me understand what I need to do and how to do it and broke it down into a consumable way.  

My client is blown away!”

Picture of Fiona Smallwood

Fiona Smallwood

Measurement Marketer | The Peoples Digital

“It wasn’t a hard decision to join.

Stockton and JJ have a really good level of knowledge so I was excited to be able to learn from them and become more advanced.  

JJ & Stockton meet people where they’re at and take you further.  

The biggest drawcard was that their approach is very organic, they have an excellent level of knowledge and just want to share and teach.  

They’re on top of it.  

A friendly approach to this sort of topic is fresh and something I continue to enjoy.”

Picture of Tammy Martin

Tammy Martin

Agency Owner, Martin Marketing

“JJ is a problem solver… he must wear a cape because he always saves the day.

His technical chops are way beyond a lot of other people I’ve met. 

He's able to look at the big picture and knows enough to drill down to figure out where the problem is… and fix it.  

It's an absolute pleasure to work with him. He's organized, he's responsive, and I would recommend him all day!”

Who's The Lab for?

Who's The Lab not for?

The Lab is not the best fit for a brand new beginner who is completely new to this field.  Our community tends engage in more high-level conversations. You don't have to be an expert but we recommend some familiarity with GA4 and GTM before joining.

Bonus: Done-With-You Live Sprints

(Value $3988.00)

Here's Everything You Get When You Join The Lab!

Gain powerful insights into your sales funnels/eCommerce store that drive smart informed decisions based on data and not guess-work!

Know where your best customers are coming from and what they’re worth!

Pinpoint key areas in your sales process that offer the greatest potential to significantly boost sales!

In a field known for being dry and dull… enjoy expert cutting-edge tuition that’s fun and easy-to-understand… from instructors who love to share and teach.

Avoid the fluff with trainings showing you exactly what to do so you can hit the ground running!

Receive expert guidance to get the job done quickly & correctly saving you time and effort.

Attract larger clients and exceed expectations with your new level of expertise and skills!

Total Value: $9452.00

Courses Included in The Lab

Google Looker Studio Foundations

Understand how to use Looker Studio & execute amazing flows of data, features & reporting structures. 

Your Value Strategy
Basic Reporting
Advanced Features
Custom Visualizations
Google Big Query Foundations

Practical Looker course for beginners that want to quickly get up to speed with Looker and LookML..

Getting Started with Google Cloud
Working with BigQuery Data
Common Functions & Flows
GA4 Data In BigQuery


Value Delivery Strategy

How do you actually provide value using Data. Create bosses, clients, & teams that “Need You”

How Value is Made
The Value Ladder
Value Tools
Activate Value


APIs to Automate & Report (Sheets Edition)

We dive deep into how to use APIs for your reporting. What is an API, how they work, where you can leverage automation. 

API Principles 
Using Code “Mixed Analytics”
Using Tools “Power My Analytics”
GA4 API -> Sheets
Google Analytics 4

A practical guide on how to nail your GA4 set up from Day 1, start leveling up your reporting and strategy of collecting “Actionable” data.

Your GA4 Web Strategy
Start Fast & Adjust Quickly
Customize to WIN
GA4 User Interface
GA4 Explore Reports
GA4 Advanced Priorities


Google Tag Manager

Ever wanted to manage all your tags in one location? Or simplify your set ups using variables? GTM is the place to do it. 


Quick Wins In GTM
Overview of “Tagging”
How “Tags” Work
How “Triggers” Work
Utilizing “Variables” 
Conversion Tracking !Important!!!!
More Advanced Use Cases


Server-Side Google Tag Manager

Master Server Side Tagging & set up Facebook Conversions API, send data direct to BigQuery & enable your full control.

Overview of Server Side Tagging Is
SSGTM Basics (set up)
Facebook Conversion API (set up)
Google Ads (Set up)
Other Applications
Advanced Uses
Foresight System Front End Tracking

How to structure your data collection in a hyper-actionable way that allows you to take action (Vertically & horizontally)

The Overall Strategy
Doing It (Action Build)
Lead Tracking
Offer Tracking


Foresight System: Back-end Tracking

Turning leads into revenue is the goal, but is your strategy working? This system tags every lead & builds your revenue. 

The Big Glorious Strategy
How to Handle Leads
Working With Transactions
Joining Leads & Transactions
Looker Studio Reporting
Stake-Holder Management Strategy

Agencies, consultants, & in-house teams that need buy-in from a boss or force driver… how do you do this? 

Understanding Values
Communication Levels
Applications & real-world examples
UTM Training - A hyper applicable strategy

Build an organizational UTM strategy that “doesn’t break” and is “idiot proof”

Understanding URLs & Parameters
Dynamic UTMs & Paid Media
Other Considerations
Templates & More


Shopify Tracking - Tagging & Advanced Tactics

Shopify is “Standard” but can be a pain to manage. We uncover the nuances behind Shopify Tagging. 

Manage the “Data Layer”
Build & Send Destinations
Using Elevar (recommended)
Advanced Applications

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, you have questions? Let us try to answer those for you…

As soon as you complete checkout you’ll receive an email containing your secure login and password to instantly access the member’s area. 

If you don’t see your welcome email please check your spam folder and drag the email into your Inbox.

If you can’t find your login details, please contact us at

YES! You get full access to all the trainings right away so dive in and start learning immediately.

There’s 370+ training videos in ‘The Lab’. We have purposely provided a robust training library to meet you where you are at.

Follow the guidelines in the member’s area for where to start e.g. if you’re already a GTM expert, skip that section and go to the next, or if you’re working on a specific project – go directly to that tracking playbook.

We initially recommend setting aside three hours per week to learn the tools. Once you have familiarity with the tools we recommend a combination of learning and doing i.e. don’t watch all videos before working on your first project, instead learn as you go.

Lab Live (our group call) is hosted on the 3rd Tuesday of the Month at 11.30am (Pacific) | 2.30pm (East Coast).

On this call you can ask questions as we provide specific guidance, as well as share what we’re excited about including agency case studies, new tools, how we’re using AI, etc…

Can’t join us live? No problem. All calls are recorded and stored inside the Member’s area for you to watch when it’s convenient to you.

We host a sprint every quarter of the year.

Sprints last for 1 month, with 1 Live Call per week during that time.

Sprints are typically held in the last month of the quarter i.e. March, June, September, December.

Yes! If you commit to leveling up your skills with us we’ll support you as much as we can. The Slack Channel allows you to quickly get answers to your most pressing questions.

Your Slack Channel invitation will be emailed to you after joining.

You can cancel anytime.  Just email us at It’s that easy.

To contact us please email 

Our working hours are Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm (Pacific).  We are closed on weekends and major USA holidays. If you contact us on a public holiday or the weekend we will respond ASAP the following work day.