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Self Audit GA4 Dynamic Report

The Report

This report is used for teams to do a quick self-audit of their account. Dynamically this report finds errors in regard to:

  • PII – It’s against Google Terms of Service to have personal Identifiable information.
  • Event Names – Conversions & Non Conversions
  • Audiences
  • E-commerce KPIs
  • 404 Errors

In a few clicks, you can see what your problems might be or not be.


99% of the time people are missing key pieces of information in their reporting. This allows small teams to quickly find what they need & get back to marketing.

How it works?

This report is built using a complex amount of filters, dynamic fields, case statements and conditional formating.

Looker Studio is extremely powerful, but you have to active your data using business logic in order for it to work for you & not against you!

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