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Full Stack Marketing Report – Our Agency Data

This is our Agencies Data

We use this report to make decisions as it pertains to our agency’s progress, market share, conversion rates & more.

Since we do not sell anything, we do not have e-commerce data, just CRO opportunities.

The Impact

This report is something we use weekly to take action on.

  • Top Landing Pages
  • On page CRO for our lead magnets
  • Trend by week & month for shareholder meetings
  • Ability to drill into anything
  • Lightning fast

Because this report is fast, we are able to quickly drill in & out of our own data.

How it works

This report extracts data from the GA4 BigQuery Export into our Data Warehouse BigQuery. We then have multi-layer steps of data prep which we then overwrite to a new data set in our BigQuery warehouse which we then connect Looker Studio to make the report Lighting Fast.

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