Design + Brand + GO LIVE Plan of Attack (Share Me)

Design + Brand + GO LIVE Plan of Attack (Share Me)
Last Updated: March 27, 2024
I have some brand designs together in XD. Definitely not a designer, but I hope that it's enough to make people say "wow" without spending too much time in the weeds of developing this site in Elementor.

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Table of Contents

Wow, big week!

  1. I’ve gotten together our final designs which are now in development (see below)
  2. Created a tiered Quiz after your lovely feedback *Thank you early subscribers*
  3. Set a launch date!
  4. Looker Studio Updated Their Blend Mode (my thoughts)

This is behind the build so I am sharing just that…. The good, the bad & the ugly of building this information website!

Designs Are In

By designs, I mean my personal hack job. I’ve never taken a design course of any sort so this is just the vibe I am going for 🤘🏽.

Home Page Design – Desktop

Home Page Design – Mobile

Single Post Type – Desktop

The tl;dr:

  • Going with the Iceberg theme
    • Looker Studio is just what you see (top of the iceburg) but there is so much more to behold.
    • My personal fave is the Manipulation Whale.
  • Home page is going to be unconventional, but home pages always suck any way.
  • Its going to be an irritating mobile design process.
  • Theindividual post should be really pretty and easy to read.

Feel free to click the images below to see what I am going for:

New Quiz!

I had previously created a single master quiz, but after a few dozen people took it and sent in thier feedback (thank you). It was too hard…. and i never want to make people feel dumb. Everyone is at their own place of the journey.

Solution – You pick your fate!

Now on /quiz you can select beginner, intermediate, or advanced and then receive a score accordingly.

How The Convertbox Quiz Works

The quiz will be out of 50 points. The beginner quiz is just 5 questions worth 10 points each if they are right, 8 points if you get the “next best” answer, then 5 points, and 0 points if you selected something completely off the rails.

Then, if you put your information into the box at the end. Your score is sent to Active Campaign & Google Sheets (anonymously) where I will eventually build a GDS report to show you where you stand in comparison to the rest of the people who have taken it!

Launch Date

I am aiming to launch V1.0 of the site on March 15th. If you are on our list, there will be an unconventional and no-brainer offer coming to your inbox.

We will launch with:

  • /Home-page
  • /Visualizations (Custom Visualizations)
    • Currently have 5 sourced
  • /learn (Blog)
    • Currently have 10 amazing posts written
    • The goal is to launch 1 new blog post per week… we will see how that goes.
  • /Videos (all GDS Related informative videos ive found on the internet)
    • I have 4 main creators
    • 6 Videos each
    • A catch all category
  • /icons (ive sourced some of my favorite icons that I use in GDS for you to use for free)
    • This might not be live on the go-live date
  • /the offere of a lifetime
    • I am really excited about this offer…. but I cant let you know yet.
    • It’s sort of like our order bump Facebook ADs Pipeline
    • But it’s better, bigger, and more fun! (i am all about the fun!)

If you havent heard, GDS Broke the internet with Blending

Here are my thoughts

  1. The average person wont know the difference.
    • In my expereicne most GDS users blend for three reasons
      1. To get a funnel with filters on each step
      2. Extracting Data (more on this to come)
      3. Blending metrics from two datasources… like Google ads and facebook ads
    • 99% of the time, a left join will work just fine.
  2. It’s going to make people more frustrated
    1. Which join do I use will now be a new questions where as before we could just say “This is a left join”
    2. if you are doing advanced blending in GDS you are probably doing it wrong.
  3. There are tons of new articles on the internet explaining what the difference is in the Joins,
  4. I am going to put together a practical video in when people would actually use the various versions. Because frankly it’s ridiculous how many people just explain left join = X outerjoin = Y etc etc.
  5. It means GDS is here to stay and has further solidified my thoughts on this website.

As always, do not hesitate to send me your thoughts at JJ(at)datastudio(dot)vip

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