Content Creation & What Is In The Pipeline For APRIL FOOLS!

Content Creation & What Is In The Pipeline For APRIL FOOLS!
Last Updated: March 27, 2024
Ive got an idea! Over on mediauthentic I have created some really cool tools. But here on Looker Studio VIP I want to make things that people say "WOW" Either because it has never been done before or is just a wild idea :)

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Lot’s of progress is being made! Just published another tool over on Mediauthentic.

Have a look here 👉🏼 Now that is done, my team and I can focus on other frivolous ideas.

Cough cough…. I am looking at you, LookerStudio.VIP.

Let’s get into it!

April Fools Launch

I have a Looker Studio Visualization idea.💡

The concept is, it loads a different gif based on the output of an individual GDS Dimension.

Not helpful to most businesses we work with as they are usually 10MM+ companies who want their pipelines with no frills (boring… I know).

But I think it would be fun, so we are going to build it!👷🏽

Tech Talk | How It Works – #Nerdy 🧑🏽‍💻

Our Java Script developer (Ash) has confirmed that it is possible for us to store 28 Gifs in our Google Bucket.

We are planning on 7 Gifs for 4 different inputs.

These will need to be based on a case statements.

The output word will then load the random gif.

Something like this

When Conversion Rate > 3% Then "Good"
When Conversion Rate <= 3% and >= 1% Then "Watch It"
When Conversion Rate < 1% Then "Bad"
Else "IDK"

These inputs of “Good”, “Watch It”, “Bad”, & “IDK” will automatically load randomly 1 of 7 gifs, which are compressed, cached, and loaded within Looker Studio.


PROBLEM: We aren’t sure how Looker Studio caches its information….🤷‍♂️

For example, what happens if someone puts 5 of these gif visualizations on a single page. Will it not load or take forever?

We just don’t know until it’s finished. #exciting

We know it’s possible to do some crazy things with images. Heck, we built the Image Metric Grid !

Marketing Talk – What Do We Do With This?

Now, that we know it’s technically possible… how do we let others know?

I am going to reach out to several contacts & cold outreach to see if we can get on some blogs/YouTube channels/email lists, etc.

Hopefully, my charming personality and the idea of something ‘not dry’ will convince them. We shall see!☺️

If you have a YouTube channel, blog or something else? Shoot me an email “jj (@) LookerStudio.VIP

It’s sort of an April Fools Joke (the messaging needs some work)

  • “Never Know What Your Boss Will See”
  • “No More Boring Report”
  • “Not a numbers person? – Speak the universal language of Gif”


The goal will be to have a report we can show how this all works & make a fun, non-boring report! Sort of like the Text Stripping Chicken.



Will it catch on? IDK?

Will it work? IDK?

Am I Excited? HELLLL YES! 🤩


Content, Content, Content!

Back in Post #2 of this site I said I wanted everything to be SUPER Valuable. Needless to say that is a big task but I am up for the challenge.

I do NOT claim to know it all but I DO claim to have the most fun doing it… soooooo you are going to get an earful👂🏽.

Not related to anything at all, but I have been working on my personal typing speed over on 10 Fast Fingers. Almost consistently breaking 100WPM (I will take my bow & get back to the content

With my newfound typing speed, I have been using Notion to pound out (literally pound those keys) about 2 quality tutorials & blogposts per week.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at this Notion database of goodies!


No Stealing! You are here early so, we are friends and friends don’t steal.

After seeing that, you want a little preview?

Guess you will need to fill out the /Quiz to be notified once we go live!

This Website

I am sure you are wondering how I made this website that encapsulates amazing design, UX Design, Brand Integration, & mobile responsiveness…

LOL, I am joking. I built this sucker in like 20 minutes with coffee coursing to my veins.☕️

HECK!!! Our home page doesn’t even have visible button Check For Yourself .


Have no fear though! A designer is working through our core purpose & building out a new logo and layouts for our core pages. It’s going to be EPIC!

I know you will be sad to see my beautiful Microsoft paint logo go though 🥲.

All joking aside …as much as I can put it aside. #jokester

My hope is to launch the new website by the beginning of March. Which gives us time to break everything and make sure we are good to go for the absolute title wave of traffic our APRIL FOOLS DAY stunt will bring.💪🏽

Yes, we will have lots of useful categories aside from these “Behind The Build” rambles, I promise!

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