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Users & Hits are simple, but we allow you to analyize realtime Sessions! Sources, landing pages, conversions, & more

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Understand exactly what events are happening in realtime. This is

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We built this based on our client base which is SaaS, Ecommerce, Direct response & Content heavy clients.

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We are utilizing advanced Looker Studio API (aka Magical 🦄 ✨Fairies) tactics to build your report for you. 

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How To Locate Your INTRADAY Table ID

Make Sure You Have Streaming Enabled

In order to have Realtime enabled, you need to have both Daily & Streaming BigQuery Exports enabled. 

GA4 Admin Settings > BigQuery > Stream > Export Types

Visit Google Cloud & Copy the ID

Visit this link  
Cloud.Google.com > BigQuery SQL > Project > DataSet > Copy ID

Paste it in the above form

Head to the form & paste it in! 

Once you hit submit, it will be in your inbox in 5 minutes