Your earning potential & client satisfaction are directly related to how clearly & concisely your dashboards tell the data story.

In other words… Design Matters!

How to build impactful dashboards stakeholders not only love but want to use to drive actionable change!

How To Make Great Dashboards?

Obviously asking the right questions and collecting clean accurate data are the backbone to any great dashboard… but what sets the great apart from the average is the ability to look at a dashboard and understand exactly what’s happening and what needs to be performed next. 

This can only be achieved with great design!

Fortunately there’s a series of proven visual design principles that when used in combination with correct layout and structure can incredibly transform any dashboard.

Introducing Dashboard Design Mastery

Discover how to build impactful dashboards stakeholders not only love but want to use to drive actionable change!

Masterclass 1: The Masters of Mastery

Masterclass 2: The Purpose of Data Visualization

Lesson 1: The 4 Types of Dashboards 

  • How and where you will be using “Dashboards
  • Making sure you do not over step!


Lesson 2: Granularity of Insight & Action

  • The intersection of design & actionability


Lesson 3: Your Organization & Dashboards

  • Agencies 
  • Consultants
  • In-house Teams 
  • Knowing when to build 

Masterclass 3: Principles of Dashboard Design

Lesson 1: Contrast

Lesson 2: Visual Hierarchy

Lesson 3: Consistency

Lesson 4: Context

Lesson 5: Clarity

Lesson 6: Colors

Lesson 7: Data-Ink-Ratio

Lesson 8: Accessibility


Bonus 1: Looker Studio – look over our shoulder

  • Watch Ahmad and JJ build a brand new Looker Studio dashboard.


Bonus 2: Dashboard Tear Down

  • Get a free dashboard critique from Ahmad or JJ with actionable feedback.

Meet your Instructor

What people are Saying about Ahmad and JJ

Ahmad has demonstrated his amazing analytics skills with a rare combination of business savvy and analytics savvy which makes his professional impact unique.

Avinash Kaushik

Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google

Chris "Mercer"

We’ve recommended JJ and the Vision Labs team numerous times and they’ve always managed to continually impress. Time and time again, they’ve proven their ability to work with clients to collect the right data, organize it in a way that tells a natural story, and display that data in reports that are both easy-to-read and highly actionable. If your organization is ready to turn “information” into actions that build revenue and results, then you’ve found your measurement experts…

Chris "Mercer"

Co-Founder |


Ahmad helped me to take my understanding of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Data Studio to a whole new level! The nuances and tricks that I discovered with Ahmad's guidance allowed me to optimize my tracking implementations and make my dashboards infinitely more valuable for my clients. We zeroed in on exact questions I needed answers to, which led to the fast and solid progress I was looking for.

Natasha Vorompiova


Alex Birkett

Incredible at both execution and education. We knew there were many problems with our web data, but you uncovered things we didn't even think to check. Additionally, you educated our internal teams on the *why* behind these things as well. As such, we're in a much better place both tactically and knowledge-wise. I honestly can't think of anything for you to improve on.

Alex Birkett

Founder | Omniscient Digital

Omniscient Digital

Ahmad is one of the smartest analysts in the Google Analytics / Tag Manager / E-commerce world. He's an active practitioner and has real-world, hard-won knowledge. I've been struck by the intelligence reflected in his questions and the experience reflected in his answers. I consider him one of the best practioners I know.

Fred Pike

COO & Web Analytics Expert